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Silver Scroll Finalist Anthonie Tonnon Releases Video For ‘Peacetime Orders’, From NZ Top10 Album Leave Love Out Of This

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Anthonie Tonnon has released a video for ‘Peacetime Orders’, the fourth single from his third album, Leave Love Out Of This.

Released on 16 July, Leave Love Out Of This reached #2 in the Top 20 NZ Albums Chart, and #9 in the NZ Top 40 Albums Chart in its opening week – a first top 10 album for Tonnon. It also garnered critical praise from the likes of The Listener, RNZ’s The Sampler, Sunday Star Times, Paste Magazine, and Triple R Melbourne.

Tonnon is celebrating the LP with a nationwide album release tour featuring a full band, and playing some of Aotearoa’s favourite venues like The Hollywood Avondale, and The Royal Whanganui Opera House. Rescheduled due to Covid, the tour now begins on Saturday 5 March 2022 (full details below).

“Tonnon’s gift is the astute juxtaposition of the personal and the political, where social issues revolve around people up against family, lovers, corporate entities or bureaucracy. But at heart, love is the pivot.” – Graham Reid, New Zealand Listener

“Instead of picking the low-hanging fruit of writing love songs about the end of the world, (Tonnon) uses character sketches and historical fiction to illustrate the melodrama of the present mundanity… Tonnon writes with charm about callous corporations, the way our society devours the sacred altruism of the young, and the shifting sands of optimism and pessimism within each generation.” – Lizzie Manno, Paste Magazine, USA

Tonnon has been announced as a Top 5 finalist for the 2021 APRA Silver Scroll Award, for the album’s title track, ‘Leave Love Out Of This’. He is nominated alongside co-producer Jonathan Pearce, who shares a writing credit on the song. The Scroll will be awarded on 3 March 2022 at an event at Spark Arena in Auckland. This is Tonnon’s second time placing in the Silver Scroll Top 5, and fourth in the Top 20.

Just announced, Tonnon is also nominated for an Aotearoa Music Award for Te Kaipuoro Manohi Toa / Best Alternative Artist. The Awards will be held in December at Aotea Centre, and screened live on TVNZ 2 and TVNZ OnDemand.

Watch: Anthonie Tonnon performs Leave Love Out Of This live on Breakfast on One

‘Peacetime Orders’ starts with a drum machine and fingerpicked guitars, and descends into an electronic maelstrom. The outro formed the theme for RNZ’s award-winning podcast about spies and the cold war in New Zealand, The Service, and was a starting point for Tonnon’s soundtrack to the series. Waiheke Island filmmaker and animator Kristy Pearson directed the new video for the song, which experiments with the possibilities of projection and tricks of the light in performance.

Anthonie Tonnon: Leave Love Out Of This album release tour

After three years of immersive solo live shows like A Synthesized Universe and his yearly Rail Land journey, Tonnon is embarking on an album release tour that expands his onstage line-up to include a full band for the first time since 2018. Tonnon has announced new dates and support acts in the five cities the tour will visit.

The band features Stuart Harwood on hybrid electric/acoustic drums, David Flyger on bass guitar/synthesised bass, Brooke Singer (French for Rabbits) on synthesisers and samples, and Sam Taylor (Nadia Reid) on electric guitars and percussion.


Sat 5 Mar – San Fran, Wellington, w/ shannengeorgiapeterson
Sun 6 Mar – Royal Opera House, Whanganui, w/ Castlecliff Lights
Thu 31 Mar – New New New, Dunedin, w/ Emily Fairlight
Fri 1 Apr – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch, w/ Emily Fairlight
Sun 3 Apr – Hollywood Avondale, Auckland, w/ Lips


Tonnon describes the show as, “A celebration and culmination of what we’ve developed through the album process, and through the A Synthesized Universe and Rail Land shows. Like the album, it will be a meeting place between organic and synthesised sound, but it will also be a very physical show. All the electronic drumbeats and sampled parts will have humans playing them on stage, on large surfaces, so we’re often playing with drumsticks and whole hands, rather than just fingers.”

Leave Love Out Of This is the first release on Slow Time Records (UK/EU/NZ) not by the label’s founder, acclaimed Dunedin-born songwriter and performer Nadia Reid. It is available on vinyl, CD, and as a green vinyl Deluxe Edition LP, with a bonus 7” record. All physical versions of the album come with an extra eight minutes of music.

The album is available now via,, and all good record stores. It is also out on Misra Records (North America) and Flippin Yeah Records (AUS).

“On both Successor and his new album, Leave Love Out Of This, Tonnon sets his characters in the late-capitalist landscape of contemporary New Zealand, human figures whose lives are warped by often-inhuman market forces.” – Anthony Carew for Triple R

“When he approaches subjects like a toxic workplace or the uncertainty of the future job market, he does so with the same dramatic passion and intensity other musicians put into broken hearts. Tonnon makes music for a broken world.” – Alex Behan for


  1. Entertainment
  2. Two Free Hands
  3. Old Images
  4. Leave Love Out Of This
  5. When I’m Wrong
  6. Christopher
  7. Peacetime Orders
  8. Mataura Paper Mill
  9. Lockheed Bomber (bonus track)

Read the Track-by-Track

Tonnon recorded Leave Love Out Of This with longtime collaborator Jonathan Pearce (The Beths) between 2017 and 2020. Tonnon’s practise evolved heavily over that period, and he began incorporating new technologies into his work, including the Wellington-designed Synthstrom Audible Deluge. He also toured extensively, supporting The Chills, The Veils, and Nadia Reid, and worked on developing an immersive approach to shows that would first surface as A Synthesized Universe.

On Leave Love Out Of This, Tonnon and Pearce move beyond the 1970s technology that powered Tonnon’s second album Successor (2015), and into electronically generated percussion and textures that blur the lines between organic and synthesised sound.

Pearce also produced the Taite Music Prize-nominated Successor, and The Beths’ 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards Album of the Year, Jump Rope Gazers.

When announcing the release of Leave Love Out Of This on her Facebook page in April, Reid said: “Having toured extensively both nationally and internationally with Tono, and being a fan since forever, it’s a perfect fit that he let Slow Time release his album. Every live show I see of Anthonie’s, I witness his craft getting sharper. I believe we share the same musical determination and work ethic and I’ve so loved watching his career grow and his star rise.”

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