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Billboard Poetry Brightens City Centres

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Taking poetry to the streets: A local poet’s collection of mirco-poems go macro on billboards across Aotearoa.

As New Zealand moves into level 3 of lockdown this week, poet Annabel Hawkins’ words are lighting up the streets of our main cities, celebrating small moments of progress.

The poetry – short lists of things we’re all looking forward to once the lockdown restrictions lift in the coming weeks – can now be spotted on billboards in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The prime real estate was donated by Go Media to the poet to help share words of joy and hope as the country commits to staying home and keeping each other safe.

A published poet, Hawkins’ debut collection This must be the place sold-out it’s two print runs, and she has gone on to establish herself as an in-demand freelance content creator and writer. This latest foray into publically consumable poetry is an extension of the #seeyousoon campaign that she created with independent Auckland-based production company, 2113 Creatives.

“Poetry is often criticised for not having a space in the commercial world,” said Hawkins about the project. “I think, if anything, this pandemic has brought to life the importance of new ways of vulnerable storytelling people need, want, and resonate with.”

Proud of their collaboration, Go Media Managing Director Mike Gray says, “lockdown has meant everyone has slowed down, the phone has stopped ringing, the pace of life slowed, and things got quieter. People have had time to think about what it all meant and reflect on how life might be different. Annabel’s poems capture the thoughts of re-entry, the re-boot. It’s great to be supporting a wonderful word smith at this time.”

Making out, mince pies, Saturday nights, skin touching – it’s all there, and we’ll have it soon, her poems promise.

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