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2011 NZ Top 10 Chinese Business Figures Awards

Press Release – Chinese Business Figures Awards

2011 NZ Top 10 Chinese Business Figures Awards The first Chinese Business Figures Awards was officially launched last month by four major Chinese media companies in New Zealand.2011 NZ Top 10 Chinese Business Figures Awards

The first Chinese Business Figures Awards was officially launched last month by four major Chinese media companies in New Zealand.

The aim of these business awards is to recognise the specific and considerable achievements of Chinese businesses, to promote the growing influence of the Chinese businesses in New Zealand, to build a platform to help the small and medium size Chinese enterprises to connect with mainstream businesses and to assist the mainstream business community in connecting with Chinese businesses and their overseas contacts in order to achieve a shared ambition for a thriving New Zealand economy.

In the last census in 2006, 147,570 people identified themselves as Chinese New Zealanders. Chinese are the largest Asian ethnic group in New Zealand with predictions of fast growth to 25% of the total Auckland population by 2025.

Chinese immigrant businesses have long been part of the economic landscape of New Zealand. They play an important role in business innovation, entrepreneurial activities and international trade.

The Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs bring very different business experience and ambitions to the New Zealand economy, and they are internationally connected through their prior experience, personal connections and current business activities. There is growing recognition that businesses run by members of Chinese ethnic groups are significant initiators of international trade.

Since the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China was signed in 2008, it has delivered enormous economic benefits to New Zealand with total trade doubled to $11.1 billion in the first 2 years since it has been in force. China has now become New Zealand’s second largest trade partner.

China’s booming economy has sheltered the New Zealand economy from the international economic downturn. Trade with China now plays a central role in New Zealand’s economic future. It is recognized that Kiwi companies can improve their prospects of achieving business success in China by tapping into the knowledge and connections of Chinese in New Zealand.

The programme will reflect the changing ways of the New Zealand companies do business internationally and provides benefits to all firms, partners and sponsors who participant.

Programme outline
The New Zealand Top 10 Chinese Business Figures Award 2011 recognizes the top business performers. Applicants have to meet the following criteria:
• Be of Chinese origin
• Over age of 18
• Have owned or managed a business in New Zealand for at least one year
• Have resided in New Zealand for at least one year since the business was set up
• Have been legitimate New Zealand tax contributors over one year
Applications can be either self-nominations or nominations made by others. Nominations close on 31 January 2012. Nominations together with any supporting documents can be emailed / posted to or PO BOX 6710 Wellesley St, Auckland 1141. Entry forms are available on the organisers’ websites:
• World TV –
• The United Chinese Press –
Or to get the form from the organizer by sending an inquiry email to
Applicants are evaluated according to the following criteria:
• Outstanding business growth
• Successful and innovative business practice
• Turning innovation into improved company performance
• Excellence in business marketing strategies
• Outstanding candidates who have had significant impacts on the success of businesses
• Strong commitment to social impacts and benefits
Finalists and their profiles will be announced via the organising media outlets. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

• Entry opens from 17 December 2011
• Entry closes 31 January 2012
• Stage One: preliminary selection – 31 January – 15 February 2012
• Stage Two: selection for Finalists – 15 February – 5 March 2012
• Tickets to the Award night go on sale – From 1 March 2012
• Finalists announced – By end of March
• Winners announced at Award ceremony – By end of March 2012

The event organisers encourage sponsorship from both the private and public sectors.
Sponsorship will expose the sponsors to the fast growing New Zealand Chinese business community and bring significant benefits to the event sponsors.


World TV Ltd.

World TV Ltd. (WTV) launched in June 2000 in association with the satellite digital service on SKY Network Television Limited (SKY).WTV broadcasts 24 hours daily in 7 TV channels and 2 radio channels throughout New Zealand. WTV has program suppliers from mainstream media in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. WTV also produces local programmes and publishes a monthly magazine. These programmes provide up-to-date worldwide information, prime entertainment and latest local news to the Asian communities in New Zealand.

WTV has been fulfilling the need of satellite television media for Asian community in New Zealand. The association with SKY satellite digital service ensures both the transmission and reception with crisp and excellent viewing quality. The first 24-hour free-to-air Chinese TV channel has set a milestone for Asian broadcasting in New Zealand. TV channels broadcast in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, radio channels are broadcast in Mandarin and Cantonese.

WTV has over 10,000 households subscribing WTV, the total number of viewers reaching 50,000 which is approximately 26 percents of the market. Together with 2 radio channels, WTV becomes one of the most potential media platforms in New Zealand. WTV is confident that the number of television subscribers and radio listeners will continue to grow so does their marketing influence.

The United Chinese Press

Established in 2010, the United Chinese Press publishes 3 issues a week with 10,000 copies per issue. Apart from its full coverage distribution outlets across Auckland region, the United Chinese Press also provides deliveries for over 6000 Chinese subscribers.

The United Chinese Press promotes the principle of freedom, openness, pluralism, tolerance and development. It attracts first class team of editors and journalists deliver comprehensive news of local community, national and world-wide news and information on economy, finance, sports, entertainment, health and lifestyle. is the largest Chinese website in New Zealand, and it desires to provide its readers quality information and serves as a platform in introducing New Zealand culture and lifestyle to the Chinese community. As a portal website operates an online community in New Zealand with over 130,000 registered members, attracts over 60,000 unique daily IP visits and generates over 580 thousand daily page views (Source from Google Analytics, a third party site stats monitor software). According to (May 2011), is the most visited Chinese website based on market share of visits among all New Zealand websites.

Oriental Weekly

Oriental Weekly is a comprehensive Chinese newspaper distributed nationally in
New Zealand. It aims to bridge the gap between Chinese and local societies by promoting the tradition of Chinese people and providing them more information to
help them better understand the local society. With more and more Chinese students
and migrants flowing into New Zealand, this paper has become an important link for
both ends.

Oriental Weekly focuses on the contents rather than on the profits. It covers front page, NZ news page, international page, overseas Chinese page, life page, sports & military page, entertainment page, fashion page and some advertisement pages. It has the biggest circulation and cover both North Island and South Island. It distributes 12,000 copies weekly based in Auckland and Christchurch with approximately

100, 000 Chinese readers all over New Zealand.

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