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Children ask the hard questions

Press Release – CERA

Children ask the hard questions
Children are asking the hard questions about the greater Christchurch recovery in the new documentary series Hi-Viz.

The trailer for the new six-part series has been released online today and the series launches on 17 November. It features ten children interviewing recovery experts and community leaders on recovery issues as well as exploring the central city and the suburbs.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Chief Executive Roger Sutton says the documentaries have been produced to communicate the positive stories emerging as part of the Christchurch rebuild and to inform the children of Canterbury about various aspects of the rebuild.

“Christchurch is a really interesting place right now and it’s a great place to be a kid. Everywhere you look amazing things are happening,” said Mr Sutton.

“We need to talk to the kids about what we’re doing and show them what’s happening in their own backyard. One of the reasons we are rebuilding this city is for future generations and this series shows them all the cool things going on underground and above the ground, in our neighbourhoods and in the central city.”

Mr Sutton says that the series, which costs $70,000 to produce, will be distributed to schools and teachers as well as being available online to view.

“It’s important that we make sure our young people are informed and excited about the rebuild. For example, the first episode of Hi-Viz explores why we have earthquakes in Christchurch and how the city is building back better, stronger and safer.”

The first five parts of the series will be loaded to the website at CTV will also be screening the episodes from November 17th. The sixth episode, which is still in production, will be released at the end of the month.


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