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Television Series To Support Insurance Information

Press Release – Rebuild Christchurch

Television Series To Support Insurance Information
Rebuild Christchurch is partnering with CTV to run a 2-part series that takes us behind the scenes on the residential rebuild in Canterbury. “Covered – restoring our community” looks at how things are progressing post-quake and seeks to get the answers people are wanting on rebuild and insurance matters.

The informative series will focus on aspects that will help customers better understand the processes so they can make informed decisions about their claims, repairs or rebuilds and to know where to seek further support where appropriate.

The first series will run from 4/5 November to 9/10 December (6 episodes) with the second series kicking off late January to early March (6 episodes).

Each episode will air on CTV freeview channel 40 and Cue and will also be hosted digitally on the Rebuild Christchurch website with a targeted social media campaign. The full 24-minute episodes will be online but also available in smaller 8-minute segments relating to specific topics.

Deon Swiggs of Rebuild Christchurch says “for those still going through the process of settling their earthquake insurance claims, the insurance settlement processes can be somewhat confusing and this is one of the biggest challenges facing homeowners in the residential recovery of Christchurch.”

“This is a progressive step where information and questions can be addressed to help home owners understand what is happening. I encourage people to engage with this and speak up if they have questions as these are able to be addressed throughout the series, giving a conversation feel rather than top town information.”

The 12-episode television series will feature everything from repair methods and land issues to cash settlement processes and the support services that are available to help residents in their decision-making process.

The public have an opportunity to ask questions which can be answered on air by EQC and other parties participating in sharing information. Questions will be transparently presented alongside the videos on the web page for anyone to see.

To view the video page and ask questions visit


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